O'Hare International Airport Runway 9R-27L Comprehensive Maintenance

Chicago Department of Aviation

  • ICE served as the Program Administrator responsible for implementing the Quality Control Program to ensure compliance with the contract plans and technical specifications.
  • The scope consisted of milling, overlaying and grooving O’Hare Runway 9R-27L pavement and shoulders.
  • The project included construction of milling and overlaying on Taxiways A1, E, H2, J, M, and U pavement and shoulders.
  • Work included removal of pavement, lighting infrastructure, underdrains, & demolition of Taxiways A2, E1, & H1.
  • Pavement marking for all new and improved pavements.
  • Earthwork and grading
  • Underdrain installation
  • Temporary erosion control installation and final restoration.
  • Replacement of centerline and touchdown zone lighting systems.
  • Replacement of existing Runway 9R-27L Guidance Signs with new L-858 LED Guidance Signs.
  • Installation of light bases and conduit for Runway Status light Systems.
  • Phasing and maintenance of traffic required to complete the project construction.